Ms. Anika Martinez

Rookie (Feb 16,1973 / Washingtion DC)

Biography of Ms. Anika Martinez

Ms. Anika Martinez poet

35 year old black mother and daughter, sister and friend.I am one who lives to express herself on the world around her and the people she will meet along the way.I have traveled many places and seen many things. I hope that I continue to grow as a person of diversity and general concern of others. Updates

Lost In Darkness...

Lost in on a dark and rainy road. Trying to feel my way through the rain and fog. Lost in the dark. Lonely there's no one insight. Frighten of the wolves that hear howlling in the distance fog. I just want to go home. Lost and desperate for mankind words speech. Anger welling inside, from the fear that festers within me. Lost in the dark.
Is anyone out there looking for me? Do anyone know I am lost in this wilderness? Trapped.

I scream for help. The only sound of others is the echo of my own

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