Mthokozisi Ntokozo maphumulo was born in 13 March 1984. He is a South African. He attended at the rural areas both for his primary and secondary school education.There is something very funny about how did I become a poet.I will Advice you to look at the poem in a topic: YOU ARE SO WONDERFUL
In this poem I was at home cleaning the ground. My aunt like the flowers. Looking at these beutiful flowers I felt in love with them. But because i am also a sociologist I started to ask myself what the secrete lies behind those beutiful flowers. Then I eventually felt that the soil is the source of everthing. I took out several coins of money and Bless these flowers. Thereafter I became a poetry.


There several poems that are currently available online, I hope I will supprise millions of people when I have finished my degree at the university. I am currently studying Human environmental system in Geography. I hope I will be an America residence in the future, and as the opportunity are always open there I will supprise people with my ability to narrate the past event as exactly as they are. Updates

Loneliness Song

I’m lonesome since I tope the hill and lore the moor and valley

Such heavy thought my heart does fill, since parting without my sally

I sick no more the fine or gay but the one to love me

Her golden hair in ringlet flair

Her slender waste will bind me