Munia Khan

Rookie - 36 Points (15th March.1981)

Munia Khan Poems

41. “can You Embrace? ”(A Villanelle) 4/20/2011
42. “epitaph On A Poet” 4/23/2011
43. “disparity” 5/2/2011
44. “you Are Free” (A Pantoum) 5/2/2011
45. My Witchcraft 5/2/2011
46. Answered By Silence” (A Sonnet For My Father) 5/2/2011
47. “lover’s Teardrop”(Shadorma) 5/5/2011
48. Take Me To A Mirage 5/14/2011
49. Grave To The Cradle 5/14/2011
50. A Circle 5/14/2011
51. Let My Love Be A Moss 5/14/2011
52. The Living Past 4/23/2011
53. “ Memories Glitter ” 4/20/2011
54. Ten Tiny Poems 4/20/2011
55. Love's Cry 9/12/2009
56. Apprehended 6/28/2011
57. Where? 6/28/2011
58. The Key 6/28/2011
59. Vestige 6/28/2011
60. Errand Of Mercy 6/30/2011
61. Still 6/30/2011
62. Unsent Letter 7/2/2011
63. Based On True Story 7/2/2011
64. Her Entreaty 7/2/2011
65. Faithful Trust 7/2/2011
66. A Dimensional Vice 7/2/2011
67. There Forever (A Sonnet) 7/2/2011
68. 'A Flower' 3/27/2010
69. 'Oh! Dear Death! ! 3/27/2010
70. “pain’s Grief” 3/27/2010
71. Fraternized 7/11/2011
72. “where I Belong” (A Villanelle) 8/12/2011
73. The Dream Of Her Life(A Sonnet) 8/12/2011
74. Someone 8/12/2011
75. “infidelity” 8/18/2011
76. The Last Days(Before Execution) 9/2/2011
77. Infidelity (Tanka) 9/2/2011
78. “the Sea Had Shown Me Mercy” 9/2/2011
79. “execution Of Summer” 9/2/2011
80. “his Ignored Lifespan” (Octain) 9/23/2011

Comments about Munia Khan

  • Marck Riggins Marck Riggins (10/23/2012 11:27:00 PM)

    I never had a reason to truly bathe in the words of inspiration until your reasoned rhetoric and multi-dynamic of metaphor became a staple of my mind's appetite. Thank you for helping me be a lover of poetic brilliance such as shines from your pen.

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  • Marck Riggins Marck Riggins (9/3/2012 4:24:00 PM)

    Your poetic work is always beyond my small imagination. Your artistry in using form, imagery, phrasing and the opportune metaphor is untouchable for most poets. In my eyes, you are the 'Poet's Empress'. I can never imitate nor predict the creative worlds and alternate perspectives which you lead the reader into, by your immaculate word-play. My hat is off to you, as I bow to your heartfelt sculpting of language. Yours truly, The Poet- Jester, Marsink

  • Ahmed Khaled (9/2/2011 11:52:00 AM)

    what a sound dwells in your rainy soul, munia, let it stir the green cloud of love in the inner heaven of you to grant poetry the ever_lasting rain foreveer// yours: ph.d: a.khaled

Best Poem of Munia Khan

'A Simple Rhyme Of Honesty'

I have to endeavor instead of trying
Need to weep a lot as I stop crying
Why should I tell when I want to say
I’d rather beg when I’m forced to pray
If I can lament I need not to mourn
When you want me to disdain I will scorn
I’ll achieve the power never to attain
I want to hurt the wound without any pain
I shouldn’t feel annoyed if I am irritated
Misfortune favours me when I’m ill fated
I am not charged when I am accused
And I can’t be rejected if I am refused
I am full of joy but I can’t be cheerful
Being hopelessly terrified I’m not at all ...

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To Keats

In the past i loved to read Yeats.
Now i am a big fan of Keats.
'Cause now i love candy more than cake.
If i grow old it won't sound fake.
Now for God's sake!
What does it take?
To learn how to make.
An ocean in stead of a lake.
Where i could swim into th pools of light.

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