Munyaradzi donald II Kuutsi

Biography of Munyaradzi donald II Kuutsi

Man is least himself when he talks on his own but give him a mask he will tell you the truth, as the ink and paper collide...Poetry is my hotline for the emotions that l can't express alone, since child hood l went through a lot that l couldn't explain my self but through poetry l can express the emotions when ink and paper collide,

l have a passion for poetry since childhood as l recited poems, this
website is meant for SHONA POEMS, you can find English poems on

l love poetry as it is linked with philosophy as some of my poems are about events that takes place in life.

I m inspired by my fellow collegue Gaylord Munemo, Grand slam poetry award winning champion who has scooped several grand slam tittles, writer, novelist and public speaker whom l have done collaborations with,

Munyaradzi donald II Kuutsi's Works:

Zimbabwean Heritage[UNPUBLISHED]

Life design[UNPUBLISHED]
poetry in the 21st Century vo1 #THE UNPLUGED#.....[UNPUBLISHED] Updates


Maita Humba Nyanguru,
mukaonekwa naani mubarwe
Maita Makombe,
Chifukura pasi nemuromo,
Vasingatsanyi chiro,
Maita Honde Makombe,
Zvaonekwa Humba Nyanguru
Zvigare zvakadaro Chitamba nematope,

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