Murali Sivaramakrishnan

Biography of Murali Sivaramakrishnan

Murali Sivaramakrishnan started writing at a very young age, drawing suitable inspiration from his ardent enthusiasm for natural history, especially ornithology, and his exceptional talent for sketching and painting. His early poems are replete with imagery of nature: animals and birds, mountains and forests, the sea and the sky, all find their place in his work alongside the human. He loves to travel and sketch people and places. His earliest significant poem – Night Heron-appeared in Chandrabhaga, and the poet Jayanta Mahapatra noted it mainly for its singular appeal and original voice. Another longer poem Ganga also found a place in Chandrabhaga in the early eighties. From then onwards Murali’s poems have appeared in many reputed journals and periodicals. Whatever his other preoccupations he has been writing poetry fairly regularly. Poetry Volumes include:
Night Heron: Poems and Sketches (1998)
Conversations with Children (2005)
Earth Signs (2006)
The East-Facing Shop and other Poems (2010)

Murali Sivaramakrishnan's Works:

Figuring the Female: Women’s Discourse, Art and Literature (New Delhi: The Woman Press,2005)
Tradition and Terrain: Aesthetic Continuities. New Delhi: B R Publishers,2005 (both co-authored with Usha V. T.)
Nature and Human Nature: Literature, Ecology, Meaning (New Delhi: Prestige Books,2008)
Image and Event: The Dynamics of Representation (forthcoming)
Learning to Think Like Myself (New Delhi: Gnosis,2010)
Ecological Criticism: Application and Possibilities (New Delhi: Authors Press,2011) Updates


I love streamers and trailers.
Linked to something it might be easy to trail
Streaming in the wind.

But there is always something to follow.
I love sparklers lit on both sides
They are quick to sign off!

They leave a secret trail
Of streaming sense
Written in the blackness of coal.