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Biography of Muriel emerson

i write it because it is how i feel don't like it then they can leave me alone most of these poems are about desiree gray i have many more

Muriel emerson's Works:

three poems in the process of a poetry book and a fiction story about these kids who live in a house with a foster family and get sold..the kids never see each other again after the cops caught them until ten years later when they get out of prision and come after all seven of them and there new family and friends Updates

Cold Blood

I sit in this pitiful thing we call earth
Surrounded by doubts
Surrounded by the past
By fear
By all the things that leave me alone in this room
Sharp knifes coming from all angles
Stabbing my skin
Piercing my soul
Until there is nothing left to be killed
But the lifeless body lying in cold blood

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