Muriel Ruth Emerson

Muriel Ruth Emerson Poems

1. Lost Light 11/28/2012
2. Stolen Emotion 11/28/2012
3. Confessions Of A Cutter 11/28/2012
4. How Do I Love 11/28/2012
5. My New Life 11/28/2012
6. Nothing But A Lie 11/28/2012
7. Angel For A Day 11/28/2012
8. Now 11/28/2012
9. Dark Love 11/28/2012
10. Forget Me 11/28/2012
11. Loosing Faith 11/28/2012
12. Prepared 11/28/2012
13. See The Me You See 11/28/2012
14. Not Another Love Song 11/28/2012
15. Darkest State Of Mind 11/28/2012
16. Waste 11/28/2012
17. Fight For You 11/28/2012
18. Wait For The Morning 11/28/2012
19. Memories As Clear As Day 11/28/2012
20. I Dont Forget I Dont Forgive 11/28/2012
21. Willows Weep 11/28/2012
22. I Love You 11/28/2012
23. Unknown Warrior 11/28/2012
24. Confessions Of A Sex Addict 11/28/2012
25. Her Name 11/28/2012
26. Cold Blood 11/28/2012
27. Angel Of My Nitemare 11/28/2012
28. Piss Me Off I Dare You 11/28/2012
29. What Is A Warrior 11/28/2012
30. Christmas Without You 11/28/2012
31. Hold On To Your Dreams 11/28/2012

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Best Poem of Muriel Ruth Emerson

Hold On To Your Dreams

For they die
As quickly as they rise
For I only had you in my arms yesterday
Hold on to your dreams
And don't let your nite mare become your reality
Hold on to your dreams
And keep your head held high
Stay away from those dark places
The ones that reside in your mind
Hold on to dreams
For when this rude awakening hits it's all you'll have
Hold on to your dreams
For today is the day you are dreaming
Now that I'm gone
Hold on to your dreams

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Cold Blood

I sit in this pitiful thing we call earth
Surrounded by doubts
Surrounded by the past
By fear
By all the things that leave me alone in this room
Sharp knifes coming from all angles
Stabbing my skin
Piercing my soul
Until there is nothing left to be killed
But the lifeless body lying in cold blood

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