Mussia M Bronstein

Rookie (October 15,1990 / Miami Beach, Florida)

Biography of Mussia M Bronstein

I'm 21 years old from Florida, born and raised here, and born with disability called cerebral palsy. Let me tell you....for a while I was into art and writing, but I did not know what I want to talk about, one of my friends told me to write a story, I started one but couple days past and no new stuff pop in my head so I deleted it. In 2012, i was randomly was I'm doing now, and surprisingly, I have a poem, then i sent an anniversary poem to my sister and she was blown away, that's when my love of poetry had began. Updates

Me, Myself And I

My first breath in earth,
Was hard, trying to exhale the unknown air,
And trying to scream, to warn the nurses that I'm alive,
And from being cold, away from my warm,
Watery, cozy room, inside my mother's womb.
But it hurt, to scream and,
Trying to open my little brown, tired eyes,
And see my new parents,
And before being in my mothers arms,

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