Mussia M Bronstein

Rookie (October 15,1990 / Miami Beach, Florida)

Biography of Mussia M Bronstein

I'm 21 years old from Florida, born and raised here, and born with disability called cerebral palsy. Let me tell you....for a while I was into art and writing, but I did not know what I want to talk about, one of my friends told me to write a story, I started one but couple days past and no new stuff pop in my head so I deleted it. In 2012, i was randomly was I'm doing now, and surprisingly, I have a poem, then i sent an anniversary poem to my sister and she was blown away, that's when my love of poetry had began. Updates

Special Bond

When I first saw him....
He was standing there with his head down,
Eating his green grass-food, as he kicked,
To flick the annoying flies that biting his back legs.
His shiny brown coat was unbelievable stunning,
That I just needed to touch and pet.
When I came closer to him, I was stung by his
Deep brown eyes, with his star-mark
Under his black mane, with a thick

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