Muzikal Demon

Biography of Muzikal Demon

I am very muzikal (I understand the mispelling of 'musical', it was intentional) . I play flute, piccolo, alto saxophone, guitar, and I sing. I am working on several other instruments, such as piano. I am very interested in poetry, and I don't publish nearly my best here. Somebody could plagerize off it, and then I wouldn't get the full credit of my own heart's song. Therefore, resulting in my best poems not being published on here. I have a great heart, in which extends deeper than the depths of the oceans. I cannot change that, and do not wish to, or intend to try.

My favorite word is zephyr, meaning a soft breeze... only used in literature and poetry.

I am 13. Updates


A misty night
Under a blanket of stars
Yet beautiful and sensational

A melody
The electrifying buzz
Humming a sweet tune
Of constellations high above

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