Mwenyeji Spikes

Biography of Mwenyeji Spikes

Mwenyeji spikes, born Matthews is a culture enthusiast, prolific writer, literary critic and an outspoken natural poet. He is aptly fascinated by the turns of evolving culture and social cultural trends in contemporary society. Finding diverse ways of bringing out humor even with the simplest of words and different ways of painting mental picture with words, he seeks to express the mind of today's sociocracy on issues ranging from harmonious co-existence to the nature of man today.

He is open to working on scholarly projects that seek to bring enlightenment on social issues and has graced the stages in many spoken word and poetry forums both within Nairobi and any other places where people deeply love and appreciate poetry, and also pioneered the Poetry week on Homeboyz Radio,103.5 since 2011 and founded the annual platform for art diversification in Kenya, Central Wacka Festival of Music & arts.

He aspires to impact the world through words, words of wisdom and enlightenment, enriching lives though the gift that God has imparted in his life, for the good work.

Mwenyeji Spikes's Works:

Touch Down Poetry, Full Circle Poetry, Networkers' Dawn
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Crafted With A Promise

A psalmist playing harp
stumbled on a harp string and broke his nail
Singing praises to a wonderful maker
who makes all beings equally beautiful, and with a purpose.

This same wonderful creator he sings of
Gave me the same gifted hands
like Ben Carson had
hands made to do exploits and touch lives global.

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