Mwenyeji Spikes

Mwenyeji Spikes Poems

41. Reconciliation To Heal 6/29/2017
42. Opium Of The Soul 6/29/2017
43. Men Are Like That 7/19/2017
44. Girl On The Map 8/17/2017
45. Not In The Same Way I Do 8/29/2017
46. Floating 8/31/2017
47. Soprano In My Conscience 9/6/2017
48. The Voice Of God 9/6/2017
49. Next Three Words 9/8/2017
50. Louder For The People At The Back 9/20/2017
51. Even After A.M 9/20/2017
52. Even Then 11/24/2017
53. But Remember God 11/24/2017
54. He Was Kind Of A Good Man 7/30/2018
55. Let The Voices Speak 7/30/2018
56. The Illusion Of A Connected Word -new- 12/4/2018
57. Another Young Lost Old Soul -new- 12/4/2018
58. Mental Patience 3/13/2012
59. House Of Accolades 3/13/2012
60. Crafted With A Promise 1/24/2013
61. Abiding In Forgiveness 8/21/2014
62. The Inner Vault 8/21/2014
63. Flowers Like Valentine 1/30/2013
64. Body And Spirit 8/21/2014

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Body And Spirit

Body & Spirit

Without a body and soul
All that man treasures would I not wish to have
Power, love and riches that invoke greed and lust
Within the depth of my spirit still lays a desolate plea
over the agonizing flesh are turbulent desires
The possibilities are limitless, and that is Awesome.
& I am filled with Awe that the body is just an instrument that I've been given to express my spirit

Body and spirit to harbor my thoughts and innocent desires
spirit to discern times and tides
body to make steps and leave a mark on the fine sands of these ...

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House Of Accolades

Who could that be?
Knocking at your door but Ashley,
The little dear likes to come to your house,
And play with the trophies,
Wow at the pictures of you great,
And souvenirs you brought home from overseas,
May be one day they'll shape her dream
With all this inspiration they bring.
She is just so passionate,

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