Mysharae Jackson

Rookie (December 8,1993 / Trinidad and SABAGO)

Biography of Mysharae Jackson

im live in Monticello Ny
life is pretty hard
i had a pretty good childhood but as soon as i turned 13 years old my sweet life changed
i live with my mother
im in 9th grade i got in to a fight in 8th grade because the girl kept on hitting me so i fought her and in the process of fighting her i broke a teacher nose so i had to get home schooled for alittle bit
but then they let me back in school becasue i had good grades
but now htis is a new skool year in 9th grade the first year in high school im changing all 2 getha

but if i get into alot of trouble i cant go 2 college nd i wanna but anyway
i will finsh up this later on in mii life Updates

First Time

I thought and thought
about it and neva
thought it would be me
all the girls around the way are doing it
but im not them
they love it
there addicted!
Many thoughts come to mind
untilit finally happens
there's noffin to think about
just me and whoever
DAMN aint noffin like the First time

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