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Born 3rd of march 1994 i was inspired into drawing so much. In fact i can confidentially say I'm quite good at it. Later on after much hard work and many broken pencils i made a deviant art account which was amazing. Then my friend she decided to start writing stories about her fictional characters which i had also made some of. Just recently i decided I'd write some stories and of course in the mean time short poems. Which is where i found this site x)

I love drawing, music, writing, poems, talking and having fun there's so much to me i can't explain all but I've tried...

Lastly i am currently writing a book called Anonymous or something along the lines of that. It's a horror in it's way mixed with mafia business and the past.. and you can check out my poems of course =]

Mystic C...'s Works:

None so far as i am only 15. However i am working on a few separate books each unique to the other. I've split my ideas so that i can accomplish horror books, anime based books, romance books and so on. My favorite you may ask? well that has to be of course horror... x0

[ anime is a japanese styled cartoon ] Updates

The Warmth

I had hoped that one day, one day the cold air would be replaced
One day the frozen lake would crack open
Just so that i could place my hands in its warmth
So i could drink to cure my parched lips
When i saw the small grass peak through the snow
My heart alight with flames, i knew it was a sign
Of something good to come, something that would make a difference
To my lonely world....
I laid in the snow, making angels, making memories

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