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Born 3rd of march 1994 i was inspired into drawing so much. In fact i can confidentially say I'm quite good at it. Later on after much hard work and many broken pencils i made a deviant art account which was amazing. Then my friend she decided to start writing stories about her fictional characters which i had also made some of. Just recently i decided I'd write some stories and of course in the mean time short poems. Which is where i found this site x)

I love drawing, music, writing, poems, talking and having fun there's so much to me i can't explain all but I've tried...

Lastly i am currently writing a book called Anonymous or something along the lines of that. It's a horror in it's way mixed with mafia business and the past.. and you can check out my poems of course =]

Mystic C...'s Works:

None so far as i am only 15. However i am working on a few separate books each unique to the other. I've split my ideas so that i can accomplish horror books, anime based books, romance books and so on. My favorite you may ask? well that has to be of course horror... x0

[ anime is a japanese styled cartoon ] Updates

Silhouette Of Knowledge

He, the man who sat covered in bruises from each leg to each arm
He, who cried out for help and in return got none
He, who had so much faith yet little action

That man was cast away, forgotten into the emptiness, the bitter pits of hell
The deepest realms never heard off until this day
Not even the biggest heart or the most helping hand
Could save this lost soul, for he was gone as was his life, he was a shell
A silhouette of all thing's that had gone wrong

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