n. j. saroff

Biography of n. j. saroff

Born in Dallas Texas and raised in Baltimore Maryland. They are an actor, singer, and poet residing currently in the Riesterstown area. They have written for short 1 act plays 2 of which have been performed. They are currently working on a few full length plays. They are always working on a collection of poetry to be published into a book hopefully by the end of 2017. They started writing in 7th grade, at first they were not that into writing because of dysgraphia, dyspraxia and dyslexia. For a time these disabilties impaired their writing. But they were persist and continue to write almost everyday. They are a nerdfighter and like to participate in helping those in need. If you are interested in reading more of their work you can check them out on deviant art at unwrittennat or on tumblr at unwrittennat_naticat

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Deniers Of The Moon

When you deny me my sexuality
Calling it an abnormality
Its like denying the existence of the moon
I know you say its too soon
That I still Dont know
And that this phase could go
But when I say the word I bounce with joy
The inner side of me less coy
How can you deny what is true