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Goodbye While This Heart Is Still Too Young To Break

Goodbye: There, I have said it - while this love is still too young to shutter the walls of my heart;
I have tasted the bits of its sword, and from the linger of lust in its eyes, it can surely cut deeper
O, this love, which could not be pure, like many others strewn before my path,
And I could not disclose my fragile heart once again, upon the guillotin’d blade of such a un–loving ripper…
If this love meant different, fascination then, would not have longed for a way to tear me apart –

But I keen to heartbreaks; the lessons I have learnt, taught well by those of similar ...

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You don’t lie your name to strangers, that’s just a shame
Though- still the ‘first lie’, it contentedly made its stain
Now I call you ‘Angel’, like it’s your real name
And Oh no… Here it goes, often as it comes again

You were such an angel, -THAT- I always recall
Not much about it I can say now, or even explain
But the memory like a Rembrandt picture on my wall
Leaves my crusted heart thrashed with its own regret strain

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