Nadalia Bagratuni

Rookie (12/25/1975 / Armenia)

Nadalia Bagratuni Poems

41. I Never Saw Myself Getting This Old 4/7/2005
42. A Mere Reflection 4/7/2005
43. Another Round Please 4/7/2005
44. Does Size Really Matter? 4/6/2005
45. A Look At The State Of Education In Our Society Today Or The New 3 R's Of Todaylearning, Education, And School 4/13/2005
46. Bird Flu 3/6/2006
47. No Not Another Bubble Test For Me! 4/7/2005
48. Ode To Television Or Why This Isn'T The Greatest Generation! 4/6/2005
49. Pen Name 4/12/2005
50. My Mother Is An Illegal Alien With A Body From Out Of This World 4/7/2005
51. Maybe Next Time! 4/7/2005
52. Should We Have Attacked Iraq? 3/5/2006
53. My Life As A Stripper 4/6/2005
54. Teaching Students 4/7/2005
55. Exit Stage Left 4/7/2005
56. Just Take A Vacation 4/7/2005
57. Illegal Alliens 4/7/2005
58. This Ain'T No Stinking Lincoln 4/7/2005
59. Tap, Tap, Tap 3/6/2006
60. Those Were The Days- The 1970's 3/5/2006
61. Monkey's Do It! 4/7/2005
62. Down The Aisle For A Tax Cut? 4/13/2005
63. The Moon Landing Or After Thirty Years, It May Seem Strange, But I Really I'M Beginning To Wonder! the Moon Landing, 4/13/2005
64. July 21,1969- The Eagle Has Landed 3/5/2006
65. Women Are More Than Mere Objects Of Affection 3/5/2006
66. Give Your Job To A Busy Person 4/7/2005
67. Don'T Judge A Book By Its Cover Or A Student By Their Dress 4/13/2005
68. My Dog Fred 4/7/2005
69. A Coach's Lament 4/6/2005
70. Enough Said 4/6/2005
71. The Plight Of The Modern Education Or Why Johnny Can'T Read 4/13/2005
72. War, What Are We Fighting For? 4/6/2005
73. Living Large In Poverty 4/7/2005
74. A Whale Of A Poem 4/7/2005
75. Being Broke Is No Joke 4/7/2005
76. Is Education A Business? 4/6/2005
77. Like My Grandmother's Chocolate Cheesecake 4/7/2005
78. Trapped 4/6/2005
79. Money Is The Root Of All Evil 4/7/2005

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Best Poem of Nadalia Bagratuni

Money Is The Root Of All Evil

Don't listen to a word they say,
Money can't really be that way,
To say money is evil surely can't be true,
Isn't it something that we all love to use,
To think that money is evil would you have to agree
That the thing that prints it would as evil as can be!

Wouldn't that mean that the Government
Is the root of all this evil merriment,
Simply because they print all of it!

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Are you trapped,
In a career,
No future,
No end at near!

Do you want to get out,
If you do, would you shout?

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