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81. Greed Of Love And Woman's Worldly Day 3/10/2014
82. Incest 3/9/2014
83. Black Hole Verses White Hole 3/11/2014
84. Raja’ And Shadia Alem And My Nostalgia For The Past Young Age 3/8/2014
85. I Laugh At My Pain 3/7/2014
86. Mahmoud Sa'D And Manal Omar: A Rare Kind Of Intellectual Symphony 3/15/2014
87. A Highbrow Feast: Al Gefry, Al Azhry, Al Kahlawy Enhance Peace 3/19/2014
88. Mary And Mayada 3/31/2014
89. Inner Transference(A Woman's Thoughts Before Deciding On Divorce) 3/1/2014
90. Driving A Car Or Giving My Nationality To My Child 3/3/2014
91. Jealousy Is Forbidden In My Law 3/3/2014
92. Yester Night And My Knight 3/4/2014
93. The So Called First Love And Mighty Mouse 3/1/2014
94. Pure Evil 5/3/2014
95. Psycho 5/6/2014
96. Broken Appointment 1 5/9/2014
97. Abed: My Only Son; A Parent Philosophy 5/16/2014
98. Satisfaction: A Believer's Philosophy 8/16/2014
99. A Vision 10/2/2014
100. Thirsty? ! 10/26/2014
101. Corpse 1 5/10/2014
102. Game Of Waiting 4/13/2014
103. Dragonfly And The Child Inside 11/10/2012
104. Nada; Morning Dew & Sun Beaming Mother 1/2/2014
105. The Last Word To A Dead Friend 5/4/2013
106. Wrestling Of Wills 6/26/2013
107. Alhabib Ali Algifry 4/13/2013
108. Meditation 4/24/2013
109. Words Of Gratitude To Bilal Fadl & Tharwat Alkharbawi 4/12/2013
110. The Spiritual Link: Abraham's Sacred Journey From The Holy Green West Bank Of Jordan To The Holy Desert And The Peaceful Plantless Valley Of Makkah 2/21/2013
111. Heart, Body And Mind 10/18/2012
112. Beirut 10/25/2012
113. Dreamy Shadow & Eagle Sparrow 5/4/2013
114. Gamal Abdul Nasser 6/29/2013
115. Taming The Wild Horse 5/4/2013
116. Good Morning Thy Majesty (Translation Of Salah Jaheen's And Su'Ad Husny's Song) (Full Version) 5/31/2013
117. My New Driver 4/4/2013
118. Lesbianism 2/23/2014
119. 'Aywa'; Oh Yes: I Like Iowa 2/22/2013
120. My Flying White Dolphin(To My Father's Lover, To My Step Mother, To My Buddy; To Tuta) 3/25/2013
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Amman My Unrequited Love

Why Amman? ?
You compel me to have contradictory
Feelings for you why,
Why my Amman,
Why do I love you
And fear you
In the same time?
Why do I long to see
You and once I reach
Your semi green valleys and mountains,
I feel so confused? !

Why my dear city
You insist to kill my soul?
Is it because the memories
Of my happy and adventurous
Youth is buried in your soil,
Or because my last love
Has become part of your dust?
You were once our meeting point
But you refused to open your arms
Or heart
For us and we were lost ...

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Death Of Desire

Desire was but a feeble fetes
Lingering in the vacuum
Of my sad heart,
While sound asleep
In the corner of the womb
Of my frustrated feelings,
It hears; it feels
During the passage of time
Whatever I pass through,

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