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Hey :) .
I´m a girl on 14 years.
I like to write ´Cause it help me whit many things.
I really don´t know what to write here.
But I really like to write and want´s to get better but i don´t like to show my poems to people i know.
so if you leave a comment about what you think of my poem i woludt be great; D Updates


Maybe, I'm just missing strength.
Maybe, I've just never had a loving hand to lead me a little piece of childhood to the elderly.
Maybe, did I just had to go through it all alone and that's why I did'nt saw the way of strength and love.
Cause love makes strong.
- That's why I'm so weak.
But do not abandon yourself and give me your strength - just stay strong, as always, live your life -
And let me watch and learn.

Maybe, I'm missing wisdom. Wisdom about love.

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