Nae Benedetto

Rookie (01/04/1987)

Biography of Nae Benedetto

Nae Carney was born on January 4,1987. She loves reading and writing with a passion. Her favorite poets are William Shakesphere, and Maya Angelou. Her favorite authors are Stephenie Meyer and Zane. She has been writing since her elementary years where she has won contests and awards. She is now 24 years of age and continues to write as she attends college. Updates

My Baby Boy

My baby boy, whom I love with all of me
and every breath in my body,
Words can't express what I feel for you,
My blessing,
God has taught me a lesson, that there is more to life than just thinking of thy self,
For when I first laid eyes on you, I seen a reflection of me,
Right there at that moment I made a promise to myself,
To protect, never neglect, and always respect my precious gift,
Be there through good and bad,

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