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N.Karthikeyan Osho born at Chidambaram on 01-01-1975. He is an Engineer by Profession, a Reiki Healer, Editor of WorldPoetryPress

He completed his Under Graduation in B.E.

(Mechanical Engineering) in the year 1996 at

Sathyabamma Engineering College.

Finished his primary education (Junior College) at G.K.Shetty Hindu Vidhyalaya Matriculation School, Adambakkam, Chennai, India.

The author is an Engineer by profession who has a thirst in poetry. Also the Editor of WorldPoetryPress.

An Author by God’s Grace.
He has written countles continuing countenance of numbers in English language, which showers the intutive, foison’s of divine powers, emanating from him through the grace of the almighty.

He has composed more than 2000 poems by thy Divine’s Grace to articulate those immaculate, spiritual treasures through the modusoperandi of English language.
His poems enjoy the glory of the nature and creations. His poems stress on the sympathy, peace and love of the mankind.

He is the Past Master in the rare creations among the verse-smith by creating the Sprung Rhythm, which is spontaneous and evolving to him, through the eternal synchronisation.

Which is ever sacred, and endows endless, abyss love and copious of him, from the source of Almighty.

For spreading of eternal carnival of the Global Peace his Poems throngs and throbs.
The International Library of Poetry, Maryland, USA, had endowed the Award for the Poem “My Mother” which was published in the Hard Board, Anthology of poems titled “Visions of Tomorrow”.

The Award was presented during the Poetry Symposium conducted at World Disney Resort in March 2002 at Orlando, Florida and about 2000 Poets from 48 countries had represented. The Award includes a memento and a one year membership for the Poetry Society, Mary Land, USA.

“World Poetry” by World Poetry Society, during the year 2005, had Published his Poem “Brace the Peace”.

About 132 World Poets from 50 countries were included in the Anthology of Poems.
“POET” an International Monthly by the
World Poetry Society, Intercontinental,

had published some of his poems such as “My Mother”, “Beauty Cascade”, Antique Burlesque”, “Prayer”, “Realm of Divine”.

“METVERSE MUSE” had published the poem “Agile Angel” during the (July- December 2004) .
“Association of Buddhism of South India” during the year 2004, had celebrated the 104 Buddha purnima;
had endowed and blessed him, by publishing his poem “Bliss Buddha”.

“Circle for Poets”, CANADA, had selected the Poem “Glory Earth”, for the 2005 Edition of Poetry Vibes. Out of 7,245 entries, his poem “Glory Earth” was selected.
Forward Press, U.K had selected his poem “Forgiveness”
to be published by Anchor Books - 2006 in the Anthology of poems titled “A Time To Rhyme”.

His poems have also been published in other journals and books worldwide.

He holds great passion for penning in English verses, a freelance writer, Editor of sharing the shimmering source of solace along with Editor-in-Chief: Mr. Mano Ranjan.

http: //
Also working in the Project for the Welfare of
the Humankind, to promote peace and eradication of ignorance, which wipes the weal of the Society.

For the fragrance of deliverance and brotherhood on Mother Earth, his notion nurtures pious path.

Poems of N.K. Osho

His works were featured on these following sites:

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He holds the membership of the following institution.

- Honorary Member of the Research Board of Advisors of
the American Biographical Institute, Raleigh, NC. (USA) Listed in Biographies of the

American Biographical Institute, USA.

- Member of the Reiki (Norway)
- Member of the World Poetry Society (Greece)
Awards & Accolades



- “The Reiki 1 & 11 Degree”

Initiation & Instruction in Divine healing by Divine Healing Institute, Tamil Nadu, India.


- “THE INTERNATIONAL POET OF MERIT AWARD –2002” by the Poetry Society, Mary Land, USA.

- “THE INTERNATIONAL POET OF MERIT AWARD –2003” by the Poetry Society, Mary Land, USA.

- “THE EDITOR’S CHOICE AWARD-2002” by the Poetry Society & International Library of Poetry, Mary Land, USA.

- “EMPEROR OF POET-2001”, by Reiki Society affiliated to Norway.

- “THE BEST POEMS AND POETS OF 2002” by the Poetry Society & International Library of Poetry, Mary Land, USA.

- “THE BEST POEMS AND POETS OF 2005” by the Poetry Society & International Library of Poetry, Mary Land, USA.

- “2005 Editor’s Choice Published Poet Ribbon Pin Award”.

- “Poet of the Week”, Selected by

on June 4,2006

http: //
His books
His First Poetry Book

“Mystic Melody” had been
Published by (Home Of Letters) ‘HOLI’, India.
http: // AuthorID=35011

His second Anthology of Poems,

“Showers To The Bowers”
had been endowed, dedicated for him, as his golden, decked boon, and was Published under

the Publication wrought by Amrit Prakasan (Gwalior) , India.
Birth Place

State - Tamil Nadu

Country - INDIA


His Pen name: Nagamuthu Osho.
Please do have a vivid visit to his eternal verses of Poems, which has those divine chimes and rhymes.

May God Bless the Readers:


Lord God Bless those Souls, whose wrought mainly of holy and
to promote peace through poems.

And stands long to serve ’tis Universe with love and peace.
I am praying to Lord who endow immense strength for the Poets, Editors, , Peace makers, Noble souls…

By thy Divine’s Grace I am contributing my poems to various Journals such as:

“Amrit Prakasan” (India) ,
“Art and Poetry Today” (India) ,
*** “Anchor Books” (U.K.) ,
“Authorsden” (U.S.A) ,

“Bizz Buzz” (India) ,
“Canopy” (India) ,
“Green Lotus” (India) ,

“Kritya” (India) ,
“Mandakini” (India)
“Metverse Muse” (India) ,
“Pen Himalaya” (Nepal) ,
*** “ & International Library of Poets” (U.S.A.)
“Poet Intercontinental” (India)
“PoetryPoem” (U.S.A) ,
“Poetry Today” (India) ,
“Shine” (India) ,
“Thanal Online”,
“Voice Of Kolkata” (India) ,
*** “WorldPoetryPress”, and to other Website and Journals World wide.

Poems for Peace:

Prayer for the sublime heart: Extol Divine with serene rhymes.

Poems are the eternal breathe, as the Earth is with love and Divine.

My poems are God’s Gift, endowed to me, solo or of some sonorous verse to

embellish the Lord’s Love, and to give solace to the readers…

My every mellow will praise Lord,

I am thy servant to the Great Savant, who flows as the countless word.

Ave! my divine to heal, hear, near and dear to all.

Please do have a vivid visit to his eternal verses of Poems,
which has those divine chimes and rhymes.

May God Bless the Readers.

nagamuthu osho's Works:

My First Poetry Book 'Mystic Melody' is under Publication wrought by Green Lotus... A Publication House... Home Of Letters 'HOLI'.
Published by:
Dr. Mandal Bijoy Beg
27, Industrial Colony,
Kharavela Nagar, Unit- 111,
Bhubaneswar - 751 001,
Orissa, India.
First Edition:

ISBN: 81-87873- 51- 5 (PB)
Rs.100/-; US$5 (PB) Updates

Bounty Of Beauty

It is the thought,
Which I sought;
And at last of divine's wrought,
I came near, ne'er in shame,
Full of faith's flame to dedicate the fame,
When my Lord;
Made me mad...
With whimsical of o'erwhelming, o'erflowing
Love, full of tender, splendor and grace glowing,

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