Nagash Ramadan

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Biography of Nagash Ramadan

A little about myself, not sure where to begin or where it will end. Like everyone else I’m taking it day by day. Life has been hard, at times it’s been easy; but one thing you can be sure of I’m not sleazy. I’m honest and truthful about life and about the way I feel and for that I’m consider to be a bit of a heel. I write about my life, love, experiences and anything that maybe biting my ass but I try to do it with a bit of class. That may not always be the end result but believe me it isn’t always my fault. When the mind takes over you can’t help but speak the truth; but my truth may not be your. I write to better understand myself or to just clarify my situation so I can understand it better.

Nagash Ramadan's Works:

Nothing yet, but please feel free to leave me your opinions about my work…

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