Nagorao Ghanashyam Deshpande

(21 August 1909 - 2000 / Shendurjan, Buldhana District, Maharashtra / India)

Biography of Nagorao Ghanashyam Deshpande

Nagorao Ghanashyam Deshpande (Devanagari: नागोराव घनश्याम देशपांडे) was a Marathi poet from Maharashtra, India.

He was born on August 21, 1909 in the town of Shendurjan in Buldhana District of Maharashtra.
He lived most of his life in the town of Mehkar, also in Buldhana District. Because of his premature birth, he suffered considerable sickness through much of his life of 91 years.

Deshpande received in 1986 a Sahitya Akademi Award for his collection of poems Khoon Gathi (खूणगाठी).

Nagorao Ghanashyam Deshpande's Works:

The following are the titles of the five collections of his poems:

Sheel (शीळ) (1954)
Abhisar (अभिसार) (1963)
Khoon Gathi (खूणगाठी) (1985)
Gumphan (गुंफण) (1996)
Kanchanicha Mahal (कंचनीचा महाल) (1996)

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