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  • ''💖💖Love❤️❤️ is not love until love is through ❤️❤️love💖💖...''
    Love is not true love until it is for lover by true heart for lover by lover...
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  • ''We can wonder what we don't have but can not wonder what how much we have..''
    We don't count our blessings and we just complain that God hasn't given to us....
  • ''You are not intelligent but intelligent is your will to do....''
    You are really intelligent if you have courage to try and face up challenges...
  • ''Hardships are the deposits of your spiritual wealth...''
    Hard times makes one spiritual..
  • ''The hardships struggle when the martyrs die...''
    When someone who is ready to try die, the tough moments of life are not left... As cowardice never try
  • ''Don't play with my future, you can just somehow affect it but you will make me a great personality..''
    Never try to destroy someone's life....

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Best Poem of Naila Rais

In The Mid Of The Night, Depression You Are Killing Me..

I'm waiting for the very person,
Who'll wipe off my sorrows,
The one who will give me a hug,
When I have no hope left.
The one who will take me to heights,
The one who will care for me,
Or make me want to live,
When I'm ready to die.

I'm waiting for the comforting words,
Which will make me smile,
The one which will change my life,
When I have no friends but foes.
The one which will go deep into the heart,
And make me feel proud what I'm,
Or just make me forget all pain,
When I'm weeping in the dark lonely night.

I'm waiting...

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A War Hero

At dawn, in a stuffy and smoky carriage,
A bulky woman in deep mourning,
Behind her puffing and mourning her husband
A tiny man, thin and weakly, his face death white...

Now, if one dies young and happy,
Without having seen ugly sides of life,
The boredom of it, the petiness, the bitterness of disillusion,
At least thank God, as I (passenger)do...

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