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41. Unforgettable Words 12/4/2009
42. Can Of Beans 12/7/2009
43. Opportunities While You Are ‘in This World' 5/20/2012
44. Knowing ‘material' Duality 5/20/2012
45. X-Planet Once More 6/29/2012
46. Reset ‘human Rights' 6/29/2012
47. Vortex 8/22/2012
48. Vertical Observations 9/12/2012
49. Evolutionary Path Within Smoking Hands 9/12/2012
50. Take Me To A Better World! 7/6/2012
51. Passing-By 1/30/2010
52. Yellow Fields 6/14/2011
53. The Third Man 12/4/2009
54. This Way That Way! 12/4/2009
55. Dreams Of The Autumn 12/4/2009
56. Fractured Moon 12/7/2009
57. Just ‘human' 5/8/2012
58. To Understand The Whole! 1/30/2010
59. Zig-Zag On A London Train 6/29/2012
60. The 'Arab Spring' 1/5/2012
61. New Day With Diamonds 1/30/2010

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New Day With Diamonds

Diamonds on black velvet
Danced between the fingers
Bursting with brilliant light
In a summer
'Starry' night

Rahmanov classical music
Born gracefully
Out of a silver box
The hearts and
The minds

Crocodile decorated skin
Rest on a Persian carpet
Marking the entrance to
An arched bended passage
Half Darkened
Faintly Lighted
With lamps
On each side

Roses blouses shirts and bushes
Suddenly shine reflecting light
When everyone moves
Side by ...

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You And Me

Do you know what the man in the dream told me?
Do you know what the winter rain showed me?
Do you know why an angel with your aura
visited me?

No 'reason' anyone will know or understand! and me!

As the stars in the heaven shoots and travel

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