najmus saadat

Rookie (22 october 1979 / joypurhat)

Biography of najmus saadat

najmus saadat poet

· Personal Information

Father : Saim Uddin
Mother : Nurjahan Begum

Family Data

Father is the Assistant Teacher of Taalemul Islam Academy and College, which is situated at Jaipurhat. Mother is housewife. I am the eldest among the ten brothers and sisters. Gradually other brothers and sisters:

Najmus Saad on studying bachelor in Dhaka and as a part time computer operator in ‘The Monthly Madina’ on employment.
Najmus Saadi on studying in Jaipurhat in Poly technical Institute.
Najmus Saud on bachelor studying.
Asma Khatun Moni in the first year of (honors) in Bengali in Jaipurhat Government College.
Asrafun Nesa Monira in Intermediate Science section in Jaipurhat on studying.
Fayejun Nesa Mona on studying in class nine.
Najmus Sakib in class six.
Najmus Saaki on studying in class three and
Anika Tamassum Mumu at present in the residence is learning on the magic slate A AA Alif Baa ABC etc.

Supporting Information

Permanent Address: Sakib Villa
508, Gulshan

Date of Birth : 12 June 1982
Birth Place : Joypurhat

Home District : Joypurhat

Religion : Islam
Nationality : Bangladeshi by birth
Marital Status : Single
Wight : 51 KG
Height : 5' 3''
Color of eye : Black
Color of hair : Black
Physical Fitness : Well

najmus saadat's Works:

· Publication

□ Thriller : Biddhasta Prantor 1 & 2 vol. (2004) , Published by: Professor's Publications, Dhaka.
Bhayanker Bivishika (2005) , Published by: Professor's Publications, Dhaka.
□ Research : Abbas Ali Khan: Jibon O Karma [ A Biography an Activites of an Islamic movement of Bangladesh.] (2006) Published by: Professor's Publications, Dhaka.
□ Science fiction : Cromosomer Kromonnoti (2007) Published by: Siddiqia Publications, Dhaka.
□ Poem : Message Golo Delete Hoi Sporsher Agei (2008) Published by: Siddiquia Publications, Dhaka. Updates

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