Nakita Ball

Rookie (September 17,1995 / Omaha)

Biography of Nakita Ball

The names Nakita. I was born the 17 of September. I havnt seen my dad sense i cant remmber when. Sometimes i feel like i never will see him again. My Grandfather is my hero he was there when no one else was and i dont think i will ever be able to show him how thankfull i am for him being there when my father wasnt. I currently go to Papillion La-Vista South and im a freashman. I am single and im not all that interested in changing that status quite yet. I love my friends they're my everything when family isnt around. I love to write poetry and watch little kid movies like Finding Nemo and The Lion King. You can judge me all you want but you'll never change who i am. Im not perfect and I dont try to be im constantly making mistakes and do i regret them? NEVER because those mistakes made me who i am today. if you still want to know more message me and we'll talk :) Updates

Deep Down

When i first saw you
I felt something new.
When you wanted to be my friend
I didn't know what to do

I spent my nights wishing
For a little something more
Now that you have her
I don't know what to wish for.

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