Nakul Sood

Biography of Nakul Sood

Nakul Sood is the son of an ex-naval officer and a three masters degree holding mother. He was born a quite happy child. He had a very vivid imagination and a lot of fun as a child, though he was solitary even then. At the age of twelve he went to Doon School, the years were formative in a loose sense, a general disappointment in people began to developed then. In his early twenties there was the hint of promise about him as he finished college, went to New York to study film and returned to India, full of a naive hope. As the years went by the fall from grace was slow but sure, brought on by an increasingly dark view about human nature and the lack of love around, he grew more and more disappointed with the world and people in general, till now when he almost has no hope, will or desire. He is still productive, he is manufacturing items for video and audio recording, his products can be seen at He has an over-arching theory for human behaviour that he doesn't hesitate to share with anyone who starts a serious conversation. He is a keen collector of films, and often works as a cameraperson. He also harbours a desire to make films and has been working towards that end, at least that's what he tells himself along with the words... the human world is just phenomenon. He lives in a country where half the population doesn't have enough to eat let alone other essentials, and it doesn't affect the consciousness of most, he feels that it refers very pointedly to the nature of human reality, which is animal-like in its essential. He also believes human life to be a spiritual process. Updates

The Off-White Shade

Love rests softly,
On your off-white blouse,
Just above the swell
Of your bosom,
And it stays there,
When you move your head,
Though uneasy to discern—
Like light playing a trick,
Hiding in brief shadows,