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Biography of Naldo Africa

Nado Naldo Africa is an English poet and playwright famous for his short, narrative poetry on rural life in Cape Town and schooldays in Port Elizabeth.Born 26 February 1995, Port Elizabeth, Shortlake, (Eastern Cape) and relocated to a residential area Joubertina in 1998. In January 2009 during his sojourn at Bonnievale (Western Cape) Naldo composed several poems including '' The bibulous man from Bonnievale.'' and the short drama ''In prison.''

An anthology of poems written by Naldo adumbrates the orbit between rich life, poor life, stereotyping, broken dreams, love, illnesses, mistakes, hooliganism, life, prison life, forgotten friendship, superiority, wealth and racism overall. At the Age of nine he kept his class in stitches with his facetious limericks which he had been writing for over 2 years. In February 2012 he moved and stayed in a hostel closed to Humansdorp Secondary School (Eastern Cape) 55 miles from Joubertina to complete his 3 High School years. His father passed away in the mid-year when he was still on school, after his father's demise he stopped writing poetry and continued with his chess studies. He took the captaincy at Humansdorp secondary school and gain popularity for his tactics and tricks used to baffled chess players. School tournament held in Port Elizabeth Naldo won the tournament which gave his team a free qualification to participate in the international commonwealth chess tournament. They each lived in a lodge for approximately 2 weeks he soon began to beguile the attention of the chess players with his witticism '' Deathbed, welcome to the funeral my witness.'' Jermain an intermediate chess player met him at the lodge and inspired him to compose the soliloquy '' Life in the ghetto.'' It was bruited Naldo tutored Jermain (From Bangladesh) with Guioco piano and Afrikaans that time.

More than 13 countries present at this tournament, despite they first participation in an international tournament his team obtained a striking score of 7/5 out of 11 points. A year later he came second in a trail tournament held in East London which gave him a making in provincial apparal. At the Boardwalk, Port Elizabeth Naldo made a statement on SABC news on behalf of his team ''This is what we have been dreaming about.'' November 2014 he completed his high school career and vanished without a trace, it is said to believed he did rap music and aided a friend with the script of he movie '' In Jail'' Which was split into parts.

Anonymously Naldo also composed poems under the previous pseudonym ''Emnado'' the name which he used to write about the parliamentary system in South Africa. It was later discovered that Naldo also wrote the soliloquy ''South Africa my native land''furthermore he wrote a poem about the demise of a small girl '' laydasha'' the poem is about the girl who found out she contracted AIDS at the night of the valedictory. She was dosed by her own friend 'Strelko'' who had taken her away and had sex with her.The speaker came across her in the forest and rushed her to the hospital that night.The doctor took a test and hours later he came in with the results informing her she has AIDS. Laydasha collapsed and tears fell out of her eyes, she questioned the doctor '' Is it true doctor, it can't be? '' ''Help me'' She ran out of the room and when she reached the facade of the hospital she ambled towards the road and stood in the middle of the road waiting for cars to drive over her. She died instantly after two cars drove over her.The speaker tried to pacify her screaming ''laydasha stop please it's not the end of the world! '' when he reached the facade of the hospital, she had already committed suicide whilst he was running after her.

Yet another pen name used by Naldo Africa was ''Emnado'' ''The small toiler in Nervada, was written under the false name'' ''Ghaleenah, '' was written under written under the false name in 2013.''Dear Kim'' was a love epistle written by Naldo under ''Zenlon'' in 2014.The speaker apologized for being so cruel to Kim in their relationship in the past. He regretted everything that he had done to her if only he could turn back the time, where she was his girlfriend. He is growing old, still he can't forget her. Kim taught him how to love after their break up he have had 11 relationship and none of them worked for him all the girls cheated on him.He realized she was the one for him unfortunately she is married now.He has been defeated by love and he also adumbrates that he will die single. The epistle explains the state of karma the effects of a person's actions that determine their fate in this life and the next generation.

In addition Naldo recited a lamentable, funny poem in a hostel motivating the youth not to use drugs. The poem's title''Dear drugs, i retire'' expounds great tact and discretion how to avoid drugs at all cost.The speaker addresses drugs as though he is a human by using a rhetorical device known as apostrophe '' Dear drugs.''the speaker managed to quit his old habit.He is tired of slavery, drugs controlled him in life and it's time to stand up to chase his dreams, although it seems impossible it is never too late to mend. August 2015 Naldo wrote the second script of the movie ''In Jail'' referring to a friend of him who ruined his life with drug addiction. In the mid-October 2016 Naldo wrote the script of a new movie called '' My Child''a sad, tragic movie about Kaywie who lost his father and later his mom leaving him stranded in a cold world. Kaywie struggles to survive in his world he met a ravishing, young girl ''Sureena'' whilst he was selling drugs on the streets, but his drugs addiction poses a great threat of losing her.He sleeps on the pavement and occasionally his father visits him and motivates him to go home and repent his sins.He has to decide between drugs and the strain of true love.In 2016 his soliloquies were recomposed in a florilegium called ''Allodynia.''

The following soliloquies were written by Naldo Africa in a compendium:

Allodynia 1: (Gone too soon) A short, doleful, narrative soliloquy about a boy who committed suicide at Bloukransbrug. Josh the victim failed his matriculation and wanted to commit suicide, his friend Jaack arrived in the nick of time and tried to encourage him not to do so. Jaack reminded Josh about their primary school where they were so attached to each other, they fought for one another, they did naughty things and got away freely. He loves him so much irrespective of his failure in life Josh says his father is paralytic in wheelbarrow his mother got cancer so they counted on him. His journey ended, even though he loves Jaack so much, he refused to take heed of Jaack's words. Josh whispered '' I can't live in this land where poverty reigns.'' Jaack burst out in tears and talked to Josh as he drew closer to Josh, Josh jumped off the bridge and squalled whilst he fall off. The police arrived afterwards Jaack carried on crying and ran towards Josh dead body. The soliloquy is based on failure in life, how does it affect one in reality and a shred of true friendship unseen by the one whom you love. Theme of the soliloquy- Never lose hope, failure is the best recipe, just follow the instruction and you will gain success.

Allodynia 2: (She trudged down the road in Nevada) A short, sad, narrative soliloquy with the constant refrain ''She trudged down the road'' concerning a girl who left her sister at home. Her mother forsook her and the father fled to Durban. In straitened circumstances she left her small sister at home to sought for any pabulum. She trudged down the road at night as she trudge she looked through the window of a coffee shop and longed for the food. She picked up an old apple and ate it immediately, it came along the children danced with joy at the end of the road, two kids walked past and smiled at her on the pavement she saw a blade and fell on the ground to get hold of it. She held the blade at her wrist and whispered '' I'm so sorry sister i love you so much i hope you understand i can't cope with this life everything is going to be fine my sister never lose hope your mother is not here, she deserted us bye mommy, farewell sister, It wasn't my intention i love you '' The poem used an innuendo to describe the girl's death '' She trudged down the road only for 3 and she never trudged down the road again.'' The poem is based on penury, starvation unheeded in a world filled with human beings. Theme of the soliloquy- Don't fake blindness, blindfold poverty.

Allodynia 3: (I never knew how to love) A short, narrative soliloquy about a girl who fell in love for the first time she hated drunk guys when she was just 9 years old her father abused her mother due to alcohol addiction. The guy she met was a dipsomaniac she loved him so much at the time she ought to go to college but she hadn't gone, hence she was scared she might lose him alternatively she got a job to work for her parents. He shoved her on the ground in the midst of the crowd, accusing her of talking to guys too often and the next day he just apologized to her. She condoned him and one night he threatened her with a knife and nearly killed her she forgave him yet again as a sign of commiseration he bought a new necklace for her in a small box similar to a wedding box. She thought it was a wedding ring or an engaged ring regrettably it wasn't. Later she called him frequently he never answered they love fell apart she gave him everything, nonetheless it was of no avail. True love died and he abandoned her in a world unknown. The poem is grounded on true love, pain of love, not knowing how to love. Theme of the soliloquy- learn to love before you love someone.

Allodynia 4: (My friend) A short, melancholic, narrative soliloquy with regard to his true friend that dropped out of school when both his parents passed away. He destroyed his life with drugs and after 5 years he sat on the pavement begging for money with filty clothes, begrime hairstyle. The speaker walked by and greeted him, he looked away and pretended to smile tears fell out of his eyes. The speaker wants to know why his friend abandoned him in the repetitive refrain of the poem he taught him a lot of things in life, he was always there for him, stood up for him ''why did you ditched me friend i'm your mother, i love you so much do you remember our schooldays? You were so clever and talented the main rugby player amidst the others. You stood on the rostrum repeatedly please come back i love are my true friend.'' The poem is based on true friendship, substance abuse and affection. Theme of the soliloquy- true love.

Allodynia 5: (Daddy taught me how to be smart) A short soliloquy about a nerd being teased at school and managed to fraternized himself with his bullies, though they extorted his food daily he hadn't shown any hatred towards them, in fact he encouraged them to reach their goals in life, regardless of the circumstances they live in. The poem is quite antithetical and based on forgiveness as well as companionship with your haters. Theme of the soliloquy- Learn to forgive.

Allodynia 6: (I stand up) An inspirational soliloquy which was changed to '' My land '' having a metaphorical chorus lucubrating the life of those who live in dire poverty, struggling to survive in deplorable conditions, yield to suicidal thoughts, pain in a cold world. The speaker illustrates the painful life of the derelicts struggling to surmount poverty in life. The poem is based on pauperism and uncalled-for death. Theme of the soliloquy- many hands make light work.

Poems indited to Kinovea Kim Heidens:

1) The love scars
2) When love comes forth
3) Rain dance
6) Ghaleenah

Former literary compositions written by Naldo Africa:

1) At the back of the schoolclass
2) Broken schooldays
3) Bereavement
4) Dear drugs
5) Love scars
6) My school days were not schooldays
7) Once love betides us
8) One Saturday night
9) The small toiler in Nevada
9) The silent schoolboy
10) When love comes forth

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