Naledi Wendy Kerapeletswe

Rookie (16-07-87 / Gaborone, Botswana)

Biography of Naledi Wendy Kerapeletswe

Fiat justicia et pereat mundus! !
Semper Fidelis...

Crazy and very imaginative...Im a simple gal with big dreams that scare me mum, bro&sis r @ è core of my heart and my friends are very important to me&most hav imprinted themselves in my heart (y'all knw urselves-luv u to bits&dnt ever forget that) ...luv meeting new people, mad about coffee and absolutely crazy bout my peeps, have acquired a luv for cricket that amazes me and yup im an absolute soccer fanatic, a Man Utd supporter thru and thru and i wnt ever apologise for it...Can be very sensitive @ times and it can be annoying...tend to take things at face value so try not to lie to me; chances are i'l believe u...By the way dnt ever make me a promise u dnt intend to keep-hate people who do that...and yes i am a hopeless romantic, still cry when i watch Titanic-after all these years

Naledi Wendy Kerapeletswe's Works:

um...none at the moment, never knw wat the future holds hey so watch this space Updates

I'M Afraid...And Yet

I'm afraid of believing that it cud actually work, that all my dreams cud come true coz inside i tremble at the thought of yet another disappointment...
Im afraid of trusting completely, of opening up my heart to the endless possibilities coz this heart shudders at the thought of being shattered again...
Im afraid of letting go, of giving in to a higher power coz my soul is too fragile to withstand another blow...
Im afraid...and yet i have the will to hope
And to trust in Him who holds my

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