Namie Elisha

Rookie (10th of December / Lagos, Nigeria)

Biography of Namie Elisha

...Cant believe its been about fourteen years since I wrote my first poem...Wow! ! ! what a journey...I'm grateful for this gift.In fourteen years, i've grown: laughed, weeped, lost, gained, smiled, learnt...through it all, my ability to write has been for me a saving grace and today i am most thankful to God for everyone who has been touched through my words, who have found relief and help, solace and hope..To everyone who followed me thus far, words cannot describe my gratitude and as I start another journey, i hope you'll still be here to share my passion and I always am a part of yours.
...With all my love,

Namie Elisha's Works:

None yet, but she is working on it. Updates

Our Poetry, Our Life

Tap, tap, tap beats the drummer,
Accompanied by the town crier,
His little gong calling the villagers,
Little children begin to gather themselves,
pairing in twos, their little feet, ready to move,
The mothers leave her chores and call to one another saying,
Come, dance to our favouite tune,
The hungry babies, weak from tears,
Hurriedly forget their distress as they shook their heads to the beat,

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