namnseh amos, whisper

Rookie - 0 Points (5th February,1976 / Eket, Akwa-Ibom State. Nigeria)

Biography of namnseh amos, whisper

Namnseh Amos, Whisper is a thinker, initiator of creative events, and seasoned entrepreneur. He is a keen and passionate reader of Keats, Biron, Milton and other classics.Namnseh wishes to adopt the pen name WHISPER in He is a humanist and practicing who believe every man should explore the world untapped resources and harness it to the total good of mankind. He loves KEATS and MILTON because they reflect his humble life, he also looks up to Bishop T.D Jakes, Bishop David Oyedepo, Rev.Martin Luther King JR, and business tycoon Jack Welch as mentors. Updates

Run To My Bahamas

I have walked the hard mile of life
and carry this burden alone,
At each mile stone I stopped
I think, I soliloquize, and wish
I could run to my Bahamas.

Each mile stone I've reach
I remembered only my progenitors caravan,
and thought I inherited something

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