Namratha Swamy

Gold Star - 6,420 Points [AnuShraddha] (Bangalore)

Namratha Swamy Poems

1. In My Songs! 2/5/2017
2. My Affair With Death! 2/6/2017
3. Do All That Love Advises! 2/7/2017
4. Unrequited Love! 2/7/2017
5. Your Songs! 2/8/2017
6. Revisiting You! 2/10/2017
7. Impassive Rivers! 2/14/2017
8. To Belong! 2/14/2017
9. A Moment To Be Still! 2/14/2017
10. Dance Me! 2/20/2017
11. Smile! 3/7/2017
12. I Will Let Her Play! 3/7/2017
13. Doors Of Life! 3/9/2017
14. Mummified! 5/16/2017
15. Dancing To His Tunes! 5/16/2017
16. New Year's March! 5/16/2017
17. The Sea Of Life! 6/13/2017
18. In Me! 6/13/2017
19. Monsoon! 7/19/2017
20. O! Lord Of The Night! 7/20/2017
21. What We Miss! 11/10/2017
22. I Finally Heal! 11/14/2017
23. A Little Bird's Nest! 2/18/2017
24. Silent! 2/18/2017
25. Colors Everywhere! 2/19/2017
26. The Sun And The Flower! 6/18/2018
27. Life Has Come A Full Circle! 6/18/2018
28. Just Let Go! 6/22/2018
29. How Is Life At Your End? 6/29/2018
30. When The Clock Stops! -new- 7/4/2018
31. The Mountains! -new- 7/15/2018
32. She Is More Than An Old Photograph! -new- 7/3/2018
33. In Your Eyes! 2/19/2017
34. Miles Apart! 6/18/2018
35. Basking In The Morning Sun! 2/14/2017
36. Endless Wait! 2/9/2017
37. Love Too Has To Be Learnt! 6/29/2018

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Best Poem of Namratha Swamy

Love Too Has To Be Learnt!

We learn to listen to melody,
to detect it and distinguish it,
to isolate it and delimit it,
to exert it and tolerate it,
to be patient with its oddity and expression
as it continues to compel and enchant us relentlessly
until we have become its humble and enraptured lovers
who desire nothing better from the world
than it and only it!
Strange but true, love like music, in all its humility, has to be learned too!

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In My Songs!

I sing of love in so sweet a strain
that hearts most unyielding soften by the refrain
and the blushing girls who readily subscribe
feel their souls tingle with a delightful vibe.

Quaintly do my haunted songs explain
those little secret that in love proliferate-
not the hardihood at length which conquest coronate,
or the slow consent to feigned anger to coy disdain ornate,

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