Namratha Swamy

Gold Star - 6,172 Points [AnuShraddha] (Bangalore)

Namratha Swamy Poems

1. My Affair With Death! 2/6/2017
2. Unrequited Love! 2/7/2017
3. Your Songs! 2/8/2017
4. Revisiting You! 2/10/2017
5. Impassive Rivers! 2/14/2017
6. To Belong! 2/14/2017
7. A Moment To Be Still! 2/14/2017
8. Dance Me! 2/20/2017
9. Smile! 3/7/2017
10. I Will Let Her Play! 3/7/2017
11. Doors Of Life! 3/9/2017
12. Mummified! 5/16/2017
13. Dancing To His Tunes! 5/16/2017
14. New Year's March! 5/16/2017
15. The Sea Of Life! 6/13/2017
16. In Me! 6/13/2017
17. Monsoon! 7/19/2017
18. O! Lord Of The Night! 7/20/2017
19. A Little Bird's Nest! 2/18/2017
20. Silent! 2/18/2017
21. Colors Everywhere! 2/19/2017
22. In My Songs! 2/5/2017
23. Basking In The Morning Sun! 2/14/2017
24. Endless Wait! 2/9/2017
25. Do All That Love Advises! 2/7/2017
26. In Your Eyes! 2/19/2017
Best Poem of Namratha Swamy

In Your Eyes!

I found the emeralds I searched for
in the depths of your green green eyes
And in it I saw reflected
the movement of love's magical tides.
In the tides I saw the faint glow
Of life itself as it comes and goes.
The spark and fire of all we are
from the earth below to the highest star
I watched the waves as they rose and fell
knowing always all too well
that time and tide would never wait
and we would be washed in the tides of fate
The spark that lingers on the shore
lives in my heart forever more
love never dies, it never ends
it lives in the eyes of...

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Unrequited Love!

While on the brink of life's native shores
the lover in breath's cold spell pours
tuneful sighs and melodious woes
of cold disdain and broken vows!

Scarcely lingering in a world of pain
his parting breath animates her name
and in murmured grief he gingerly hauls
his spirit treading the verge of downfall!

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