Nana Kwame Nketsiah

Nana Kwame Nketsiah Poems

1. Day And Night. 2/23/2012
2. In My Dream. 2/23/2012
3. Between Truth And Falsehood 2/26/2012
4. Though I Love 4/21/2012
5. Suicide In The Village 4/21/2012
6. On The Brook Of Right 4/21/2012
7. I Am Forbiden 4/21/2012
8. I Do Not Love You 4/22/2012
9. When I Climbed The Mountain Because Of Love 4/24/2012
10. The Young Lover Of A Thousand Lovers 4/24/2012
11. Broken Valentine 4/24/2012
12. Please Do Not Tell Me You Love Me 4/24/2012
13. When I Saw A Beautiful Lady 5/10/2012
14. Oh Cupid, Oh My Love 5/10/2012
15. I Dare Not Put Heaven In Rage 5/10/2012
16. An Ode To Her 5/10/2012
17. I Would Go Crazy If I Dont Stop 5/13/2012
18. My Mothers Day Gift 5/13/2012
19. The Heart Of A Woman I Know 9/8/2012
20. You Lied To Me 9/12/2012
21. A Song To My True Lover 9/15/2012
22. An Ode To My Love 9/26/2012
23. The Vision 12/4/2012
24. Hey 6/4/2014
25. Damm Am Black 6/4/2014
26. Fortunately Or Unfortunately 6/4/2014
27. You Know Them 6/4/2014
28. Her Sulky Cheek 6/4/2014
29. A Letter To My Heart 6/4/2014
30. A Letter To My Heart Pt 2 6/4/2014
31. A Letter To My Heart Pt 3 6/4/2014
32. Victim 6/4/2014
33. My First Kiss 5/10/2012
34. Damascus Is Far 4/14/2018
35. By Night The Muses Told Me. 3/19/2012
36. The Jingles From My Childhood 5/10/2012
37. I Wish I Was A Heavenly Angel 5/10/2012
38. A Worthless Life 4/22/2012
39. My Tears Flow, But I Shove It Off 6/5/2012
40. Monday Morning 3/8/2012

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Listen To Her Cries

Listen to her cries
oh you deaf, deaf mate
together we make a tie
oh dear, dear string

Her life is perfect
from my eyes and your eyes
Yet she has a defect
a plain scar for all to see

Her words are soothing,
from my ears and your ears,
yet we are robbing and loothing
her of the chance to be heard

Her beauty is dazzling
from my heart and your heart
yet her soul is bumbling
lacking substance and peace

that red lip gloss
she smiles with
covers a dry painful suace
emanating from her heart

she is broken!
she is ...

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In My Dream.

Somewhere in my dream a voice calls, in the depth of my heart may it always be real.
Many times i fall and wake up to see the still blueness of the sky, many rains of tears for the quest of unrest. Still searching for the stillness of the green pastures as it lay beyond the plasters, wavering round and round to the quiteness of my eyes, may it pass by to catch a glance.
Going beyond and beyond the sky to it limit, let it speak to my heart and never forget me.
Let it quibble becouse of the win

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