Nancy Anyorkor AkoOdoi

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Biography of Nancy Anyorkor AkoOdoi

a Taurus(April 22nd Birthday) .Proud Ga girl and a graduate of the African University College Of Communications. I dream of becoming a journalist and model in the near future. Sea blue and pink were my favorite colors until turquoise and purple caught my eyes. I'm a poem, nature and book lover and the camera and i are in love.To me, each day is any opportunity to make a great difference. After all we are all given the same 24 hours so i don't know why i can't make it if someone else can..... Updates

Lost In Thought

So many things i wish to do
So many places i'd love to see
And more people i dream to meet.
One minute it seems to be moving in the right direction,
And the next, it all just fades away.
Maybe all of this wasn't meant for me?
How could i think something this good could happen?
Everything just seems so far from reality,
And everyone, even though my eyes can see, i can't reach.

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