Nancy Cherry

Rookie (Fairfield, California)

Biography of Nancy Cherry

Nancy Cherry poet

I've lived in northern California all my life and more, though have occasionally stolen away to touch down on stunning places like Norway, Barcelona, Paris, New York CIty, Victoria, Seattle, Hawaii and the Stone Coast of Maine. I received my B.A. in Creative Writing from San Francisco State University, and Master’s in English from California State University, Sacramento, teach poetry writing workshops, design & publish poetry books, and occasionally stop to paint. I've had around 100 poems published, give or take a few. I've won a few awards including a writing fellowship from Villa Montalvo, and was nominated for a Push Cart and for inclusion in the Best American Poetry anthology. I live in Sebastopol with a young blue Russian cat named Harriet, and have really good friends.

Nancy Cherry's Works:

The Field,1995 Radiolarian Press, Deposition,1995 Radiolarian Press, Gardening in the Deep End,1996 Redfruit Press, Anywhere,1997 Monday Arts, Fire & Gasoline,1998, Still Life,2000, Plain Truth & Dish Night,2006 Redfruit Press Updates

Wild Trout

The wild trout in my freezer
keep their eyes open
for freighters and the splinters
of sunlight that pierce their green depths.
They peer at me through Ziploc plastic
and frost. They dream of Alaska.

They know more than I do
of glaciers and bait, biting flies

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