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According to Wikipedia -
Nancy Clendenin Terrell was born in Richmond, Virginia, in 1940 to James Emmett Terrell, Executive Vice President of Mead Johnson Company and Nannie Belle Clendenin. On the Terrell side she traces her family back to President Thomas Jefferson (her 8th great uncle) whose sister, Martha, is Nancy's 8th great grandmother. Nancy is an internationally known journalist whose articles featuring cruising and life in the greater Caribbean are widely read. She is a graduate of DePauw University where she was a member of Kappa Kapppa Gamma and holds a Master of Arts Degree in Literature from the University of Southern Mississippi where she was an honors student. Her brother, James Terrell, was a noted architect, well known for his AIDS activism, according to his obituary in the New York Times.

Nancy was 'Miss Nancy' on Romper Room in the 1960s and 1970s for the American Broadcasting Company (ABC) . In 1973 she hosted the daily program Southern Outlook for General Electric Cablevision (GEC) , one of the first cable companies in America. With her crew of five, she traveled the southern states and videotaped over 700 on location programs for General Electric. Two of her documentaries on 'The Problems of Aging in America' won the first place award from The Associated Press in both 1974 and 1975. These studies were used as guidelines for problems addressing senior citizens by AARP in the 1970s. During these two years she was also named as an Outstanding Young Women of America.

In 1982 the City of Biloxi, Mississippi, featured Nancy's weavings when it opened the Biloxi Cultural Center now known as The George E. Ohr Arts and Cultural Center. The One Woman Show, consisted of 20 of her weavings, is featured in Fiber Art; they hang in homes and restaurants throughout North America. Nancy was also chosen by the Mississippi Arts Commission to represent the tri-state area as a Master Weaver at the 1984 Louisiana World Exposition.

In 1982 Nancy Terrell (Longnecker) edited a book published by the University Press of Mississippi entitled 'Dusti Bonge - The Life of an Artist.' Funding was provided by Standard Oil, Litton Industries Inc. and the City of Biloxi. The book was given to each high school art student, in the state of Mississippi, who was taking advanced/abstract art. Nancy and Ms. Bonge traveled throughout the state presenting a slide show of Bonge's art and explaining abstract art to art students. The Mississippi Commission on the Arts later filmed a documentary of the book Dusti Bonge - Life of an Artist interviewing Ms. Bonge before her death in 1993. Nancy then went on, in 1986, to edit Leif Anderson's book on abstract/interpretive dance, Dancing through Airth. Anderson is the youngest daughter of internationally known artist Walter Inglis Anderson and is the author of several other books on dance.

On the Terrell side of the family, Nancy can trace her lineage back to William the Conqueror and the Normans (Tirel) and then on to Charlesmagne (see Genealogy at

In 1986 Nancy moved to the British Virgin Islands where she began freelance writing for such magazines as Cruising World Magazine, Latitudes & Attitudes Magazine, Caribbean Boating, Nautical Scene, Caribbean Compass, Caribbean Landfalls, Crew Life and All At Sea. Nancy worked actively for both the West End Yacht Club and the Royal BVI Yacht Club located on the island of Tortola. She is currently a full time cruiser who covers the Caribbean for All At Sea magazine[1]

Nancy made her home on a 35 year old classic Roughwater Trawler Swan Song with her partner, Captain Dave Cooper. She lived in Honolulu, Hawaii, deom 2009 - 2014 where she was on the State Board of Kappa Kappa Gamma as well as the Honolulu Panhellenic Association. While there she published an art book containing 50 years of her art.

In 2014, Nancy and Dave retired in Cape Coral, Florida. Dave eventually brought Swan Song to the area, from Florida, to sell. Nancy continued with her art and was a memeber of the Cape Coral Art League, the Art League of Ft. Myers, The Alliance for the Arts of Lee County and The National Collage Society. She exhibited monthly and was chosen Artist of the Month twice.

Nancy's older son, Michael, is a graduate of Rollins College in Winter Park, Florida. After working with his younger brother, Greg, in Hawaii for almost 20 years, he bought a boat of his own, Salacia, and now sails in the Florida Keys. Michael has one son, Taylor.

Taylor lives in Byfield, N.H. and is a computer geek for the National Cash Register Company, traveling through the northeastern counties fixing computers at restaurants. He is a gourmet cook, plays the guitar, works with gemstones as a hobby and loves to visit his grandmothers.

Nancy's younger son, Gregory, is a big wave surfer and moved to Hawaii when in the U.S.C.G in 1985. He stayed there after serving his four years and started a parasailing business that soon morhped into many different water sports and companies serving the many tourists that visit Oahu and Waikiki. He is married to Mamie Longnecker who hails from Japan and is and ardent mother and helper in Greg's many water sport businesses.

Lauren Longnecker Frazier is Greg's oldest child. After receiving her BA from the University of Colorado, Lauren joined the Air Force where she met her husband, Major J.D. Frazier who is currently stationed at the Pentagon. They have two sons - Barrett (4) and Wynn (1) . They love the outdoors and do many activities with their sons in various nature parks.

Christian Longnecker is Greg's oldest son. A soccer star when in high school, Christian received a scholarship to college but decided he liked working for his father on the parasail boats. He is a drone photographer and is currently enrolled in Captains School and lives with his father and Mamie in Honolulu.

Hannah Longnecker is Greg's second oldest daughter. After graduating from high school, she also moved to Hawaii where she is Greg's manager and right hand gal. She is a talented artist and also loves being in nature.

Lukie is Greg's second son and is the light of everyone's eyes. A Down Syndrome child he is now 11 and is loved by all. He loves playing ball and does very well in the Special Olympics. We all adore Lukie.

Liana is Greg's youngest child and is a whiz in elementary school. Just like her mother, Mamie, learning and art come easy for her. She is very active in school and is Lukie's caretaker - a job at which she exells.

Lastly, but certainly not least, is Mamie's daughter, Lauren Phillips. Lauren is a real pro at everything she tries. She has a full scholarship to the Business School at the University of Alabama where she is on the Dean's List and maintains a 3.7 average. She is uncertain as to what type if business she will go into but we all know that whatever it is, she will be successful.

Nancy Terrell's Works:

The Art of Dusti Bonge, Missippi Press.1982
author of over 700 feature articles for various sailing and water magazines from 1992 - 2009 Updates


Having lived with a lovely amount of contentment
with David for the past year or so,
I remember back to the years before
when life was not so well ordered.

I was much more insecure then
for order gives me false security
He was delivering yachts here and there
I was left, being afraid of the open sea.