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Poetry sings in my soul. First wrote on autumn leaves of Pennsylvania in high school. Later, studied Poetry 101 in college and always wrote in the midnight hours as a lifeline to the universe. Born in Ithaca, New York, my odyssey took me to Istanbul and to the Muslim world early in life. Then to Harvard for a B.A. then back to Africa for years. Adopted an African family, now refugees returning home to Liberia, as my own. Am a member of the IWWG, International Women's Writing Guild, in NYC. Presently, facilitating life story writing workshops in Denver, using poetic imagery.

Nancy Vorkink's Works:

Wanderlust chapbook
Freelance articles on Colorado Poets
Anthologies blog
Life Story Writing

Aftermath of Move

At first the rest felt fine
The morning birds chirped
As I listened to the day’s song
The quiet of the new house
Soothed the many changes,
Fatigue, and disruption.

Soon, a different mind chatter
Appeared; unable to balance
the old with the new.
Used boxes fully stuffed
covered floor to ceiling.
Became annoying. New life made
Me more angry. May’s winds
Seem to blow harder.

Where is the peace?

2005© Vorkink Updates

Exhale In The Morning


We go dark and deep together
To a place of healing and together
We see the sun, the moon, the rain
And we feel each other’s hugs.
No one says a word
We all know this silence.
It is a place of healing—

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