Nandi Mhlongo

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'A walk of my life'

A baby is expected her arrival took four hour, on Sunday the holly day at 10: am she was born. In their sweet Joy they named her after me, to grow up to be me.
In most cases when birth is given an infant greet the world with the face and a song but this princess come out quite on her back after a moment of appreciation, she sang on top of her voice. She was a princess in deed. She grew up in the beautiful castle with the king and queen on her care, loved. She was special, her face was glowing and the world could see how special she is.
One day the storm came, it took the Queen to the east and the King to the west, she was left on the spot light, confused not knowing what was happening. “It’s my fault” she said “the higher power is punishing me”. In her teen world she got kidnapped by isolations, her world was created. Her beloved siblings made it harder for her by playing games that doesn’t exist in her world but they meant to have fun not knowing the sadness she carried. To cure her heart she walked on her made path, pleading the higher power to cancel her guilt, to bless her with the Queen and the Kings togetherness.
Out of the blue she came to realization of that this might be fate, if she in the spot light, she might have an audience, an act must be needed to keep them on her side. She decided to play and speak her mind to the souls that were willing to listen. Her audience appetite her so much that she had a plate for each soul in her dinner table.
Finally her leaders came back to the middle to share her joy but she was not over the moon to their disappointment, she took what was given. On her mind there was fear of living life to regrets and disappointments. She is not perfect or a saint, just an individual. Her mind, hands and soul are her talents and appreciation. For more information about her, look at me.
This is not an end is the beginning she has potential and to her fail is a chance to try again & succeed.
Again this is not the end is the beginning of the walk of my life.


Nandi Mhlongo's Works:

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I am consumed by fear of the unknown,
My life has changed to unbearable,
I have fear that is telling me I am not good enough
And I will be never be, I fear acceptance to the world,
I fear to express my soul to the world, I cannot speak,
My language and words are not up to standard,
My fear has cut out my tongue, I cannot sing

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