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I'm a twin, I also have one younger and one older sister both with different dads, my parents separated before my second birthday.Me, my twin sister and my older sister were raised primarily by my dad while my mum moved around the country until she remarried when I was 8, her second husband died just a month after the wedding and my little sister(his daughter) was born just 10 days after his death and so my mum went back to moving around the country with us visiting some weekends and holidays until I was 15 and my mum abandoned me and my twin and went to live in France with my little sister...and that's my sob story: D Updates

My Will Verses Society

I am not sure of myself at all, I fear,
I'm easily convinced otherwise,
I am unsure of where to go from here,
He tells me I'm wrong as he sighs.

I am told I need to change,
It's my spirit they want to kill,
Society trying to keep me in it's cage,
But I want to do things my way and I will.

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