Naomi Mith

Rookie - 42 Points (August 30th,1997 / Bronx, New Yorl)

Naomi Mith Quotes

  • '''Bad news: Nothing lasts forever. Good news: Nothing lasts forever' -Unknown''
    This quote speaks to me in many ways. It's a quotation full of mixed emotions. Nothing lasting forever is both positive and negative. When going through heartbreak and sadness, it doesn't last forever, though it feels like it will. When going through love and happiness, you want it to last forever, but the reality kicks in soon enough.
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Perfect You

Do you ever lay alone at night?
Dreaming about the perfect life?
The perfect smile, the perfect hair, the perfect body; easiness everywhere

But then you open your eyes and feel a sudden emptiness
A deep unsatisfying sorrow that takes over your mind
A wave of insecurity crashes your soul
An unpleasing wind breezes your inner whole

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