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  • '''Country like India requires only one honest, sincere, and a good dedicated dictator, who will remain good for ever and always win...Instead of many good individuals in democracy.'''
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  • '''Having many good men and few bad men in democracy is as good as the worst dictator with no moral values ruling the country.'''
  • '''Why my country never improves, because I never.'''
  • '''Reformation starts from individual not by mass'''
  • '''You change, than that change will change what you want to change'''
  • '''Individuals great, pretty resolutions. When practiced brings revolution'''
  • '''Deformity in thoughts is the greatest deformity among all'''
  • '''When you search for peace outside you get nothing. It is something within'''
  • '''Only when you are kind you can be fit to be mankind'''

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Whenever I was failing, my spirit was falling.
Once I tasted success, my spirit brimmed like fountain.

When I was failing, I was thinking life was only full of grief.
Once I tasted success, I came to know life is blend of both failure and success.

Don’t feel proud when you are success and don’t get dishearten when you are failure but think it is a chance, given to you to do better next.

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What is a name?
It is nothing but a label given to one’s fame, crime, shame….. and what not.

What is a name, what is there in a name?
It is nothing, but pronoun.

What is a name, what is there in a name?
It is nothing, but a label given to a place, animal, thing, you and me.

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