Naresh Dharwadkar

Naresh Dharwadkar Poems

1. Confusion 1/16/2005
2. Straythoughts 1/30/2005
3. Difference 12/16/2004

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Alphabet less word more
Alpha, Beta Gama score
Gulp the left over sore
Pulp fotitude galore
Leave it or have it
Forgive or posit
Save amount in transit
I have, you have
I give, , you take
I let it go, , you crave
I put it, you bleek forsake
Humble, Simple, Noble
Gamble Trumble.Probable
Reason.person to put forth
Treason be encompass, south andnorth
Greed, Creed, Breed
Deed done, cocluded indeed
Proceed, Exceed, , ahead
Bleed, the drops clot conceed
The ray passes
The day amasses
The way crosses
The continuation of may, , ...

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