Naresh Sonee

Rookie (11-2 -1958 / India)

Biography of Naresh Sonee

Author is a Final Year College dropp out; Lives in Mumbai-India;
Occupationally in creative gift articles, fashion jewellery manufacturing business since 1978
Additionally –Freelancer: Articles, Essays, Poetry-Writer, Specially on Global Subjects of Human Logic's, Philosophy-n- Philanthropy.
The author respect-n-regard logics and ethics of every religion of the world who all sustain, maintain and live merely for peace, progress and prosperity of man kind..

Some of Naresh Sonee's articles have been published as BREAKING NEWS on WORLD NEWS and so in many countries.

Naresh Sonee's Works:

The author have published books in Hindi (Indian Hindi -National Language) as -Global Prayers-n-philosophies. Book written by Naresh Soneee entitled 'Brahmand Pujan' means 'Universal Prayers'. The said book is absolutley non-religious, non–mythological, non superstitious. However this sacred holy book, certainly talks about logical ethicas. Such reflects authentic self- views of the author. Time-n-again this book was/is reviewed & rated as excellent in many prominent Indian News Papers.
http: // Details of the book is on the website:, http: //, Updates

Keep Present For Present

Beyond tomorrow, there is no tomorrow;
Tomorrow shall come tomorrow,

Present is what we view;
Our deeds, doings and our dues;

Future is standing at the door;
It may arrive or come no more,

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