Naseeru Taneemu Annuree

Naseeru Taneemu Annuree Poems

41. A Missed Opportunity 3/31/2014
42. A Thorn In A Flesh 4/3/2014
43. A Distance Wish 9/12/2014
44. Just For You My Love (Acrostic Poetry) 12/19/2012
45. Bright Little Star 7/30/2012
46. My First Last Love 7/28/2012
47. Envy 7/26/2012
48. Adieu Papa 7/26/2012
49. Nature's Gifts 8/1/2012
50. A Light Through My Heart 7/29/2012
51. Just Three Little Words? 7/28/2012
52. Things Fall Apart 7/27/2012
53. Unwritten Soul 7/28/2012
54. Bright Beyond Compare 7/29/2012
55. Unseen Ghost 7/31/2012
56. Nigeria Must Be Freed 7/27/2012
57. Mirror Me 8/3/2012
58. Pride Of Africa 7/30/2012
59. Social Love 7/29/2012
60. It Is A Lie 7/26/2012
61. A-Z (Acrostic Poem) 7/28/2012
62. Victoria (Acrostic Poem) 7/27/2012
63. Breaking The Boundaries (Acrostic Poems) 7/31/2012
64. Silent Cry 7/27/2012
65. Because I Love You 7/28/2012
66. Just For You 8/3/2012

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Just For You

While she covered her eyes with a golden glass,
That gleams and glitters even at night
But, my heart, can see beyond the glass
Her eyes, seems the doorway to her heart
Falshing brightly, I can still see each door shining like a glass to the sun
Turning it like a day, any place she turned
I watched her with passions in my eyes
She winked, beautifully behind the glass
Sparkling radiances on my face
And so my heart melt, like candle on fire!
Melting slowly to formed the shape of 'I love you.'
When she saw it, she smiled
Her eyes flashed like a silver ...

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Don'T Like It

D id I ever forced a horse to drink at the river bank?
O r suddenly figured out the stomach ached lizard?
N ever should I do what I knows not
T o act within one's capacity in a must win game

L ike lion being the king of the jungle
I t is not that being a teacher will made you a school
K eep it in mind that there is a difference between a fish and a river
E veryone's status given has a role to play

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