Nashy Lamen

Biography of Nashy Lamen

I started making poems at the age of nine though nothing really made sense when I read them now. I stopped writting for a while but then I was inspired by other poets from my friends to the famous ones. I wrote poems again and composed lyrics too which I accompanied with instruments.

My life is inspired by music. I play the guitar and piano; I sing, and I spend most of my time on music when I'm not busy. I use music to write since I pour out my feelings in both music and literature.

Well, my poems are based on my desires and observations. I just think of a topic and then write.
Most of my poems are based on love like how painful it can get, how mysterious it is, how powerful it can be. I tried writing poems on other topics as well but it only revolved around negativity like the problems I experience, the situations I'm in, the misery I feel. And then I wrote poems on deceit, lies and pain which made it a lot more interesting. I tried to write positive poems but I had a hard time expressing my thoughts. Though, I still do have a few poems about happiness. Updates

A Friend Indeed

Before you read this poem I'd like to warn you how much complicating it would get.
I hope you understand it though, it's a poem for a great friend..

A life of doubt is what I held,
screaming here and there, until I was filled with depression
Decisions in every corner
that threatens a life and kills a reputation.

I was sitting yet again in a hot seat

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