Nasra Al Adawi

Rookie (Pemba - Tanzania)

Biography of Nasra Al Adawi


Nasra Al Adawi's Works:

Collective Thoughts (Published in the Sultanate of Oman)
Within Myself: The WillPower To Live beyond Cancer (Published in the Sultanate of Oman) Updates

The Massacred Of Nature

Screams continues, into a shallow silence
Distorted faces searching for survivors
Scattered bodies in an aftermath the massacred of nature
Some the earth had swallowed, some drifted by oceanic water
In every corner death has haunted among us many lives
Upon this tragic nothing could be a soother
The tremor of the unexpected: even if it’s the test of God
It just feels wrong and unfair
To be thrown into immense test that we as human kind could hardly bear

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