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Well just to know a little about me..... :)
I been writing Poems for as long as i could remember...I've always seen it as an escape.. a way out... The only real way I could release whatever feelings or emotions it was that held me.... at one point captive..I feel some of the best poets are those. who live in there stories, , those who, with just a pen and paper can draw such a BEAUTIFUL and TALENTED picture...or with only the words uttered from there lips can paint you an escape and have you walk through it.. I Natalia Ortiz... Have and will always love writing it is my passion my dream and my escape.....

DEDICATED: to all you poets....keep doing what you do..its BEAUTY in its truest form...

Natalia Ortiz's Works:

Not yet but it is something I see, and Strive for..In my future.. Updates

Weres Da Truth?

A world of such mystery
so much unclaimed
no questions about none of it
because we fear wats not named
How is it that we could wake up each day
to a beautiful sunrise
but not a smile on our face
walk down a street with so many people
but not a word to say

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