Natalia Ortiz

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Biography of Natalia Ortiz

Well just to know a little about me..... :)
I been writing Poems for as long as i could remember...I've always seen it as an escape.. a way out... The only real way I could release whatever feelings or emotions it was that held me.... at one point captive..I feel some of the best poets are those. who live in there stories, , those who, with just a pen and paper can draw such a BEAUTIFUL and TALENTED picture...or with only the words uttered from there lips can paint you an escape and have you walk through it.. I Natalia Ortiz... Have and will always love writing it is my passion my dream and my escape.....

DEDICATED: to all you poets....keep doing what you do..its BEAUTY in its truest form...

Natalia Ortiz's Works:

Not yet but it is something I see, and Strive for..In my future.. Updates


Free your mind,
Let your soul fly,
Close your eyes.....
And dream,
Don't fear to be yourself,
Because of anybody,
How far could you go?
If you never spread your wings,

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