Natalia Sozh and friends

Biography of Natalia Sozh and friends

SOZH is a pen-name taken by NATALIA after the river in Belorussia where she was born.
AKULINA TAMM is also a pen-name of another friend of mine. If I'm not mistaken she took it after her grandmother.
My name is a real one. Reading and translating verses is my hobby.
We all live in Tiraspol, Moldova.
Being fond of my talented frieds I want you to get acquainted with them too. And I do hope you'll enjoy their poetry.
Those who read Russian can also find Akulina and me at ''.
You are welcome!
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Natalia Sozh. Tulips

The tulips shut their tender petals
To guard the secrets of the day.
The path turned into stinging-nettles -
I watched you going away.

The garden gate would sigh and veil
The sound of steps. And then, it seems,
I'll hide my wishes like a snail
Into the shell of sleepy dreams.

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