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Biography of Natalie Desiree Romero

Hey everyone, my name is Natalie Desiree Romero. Well don't know what to really tell you guys. I am crazy (in a good way) , artistic, outgoing, nice if your nice to me, incourage people, music is a big part of my life, and love my family. I have wrote poems since I was in 6th grade, I started to get really in to them because of what was going on in my life, and this helped me to express it. As well as sing helped me express myself; I write poems like almost every day. Back in middle school I would have people tell me what they think about my poems. So I would really love if you guys tell me what you guys think about my poems, good or bad. Thanks everyone! Updates

You Never Really Forget

All your anger, your sadness, your dead dreams, your forgotten hopes
Are eating you alive
There running in your head, you can't forget
You try and you try to block it out
But it won't escape you
The old saying is forgive and forget
Well sometimes you can't forgive the person who gave you the anger,
the sadness, who killed your dream, who made you forget your hopes
Sometimes you can't forget that they did this to you

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